Zoom — 25 January 2022 – Lucy Jones

Losing Eden

Why our minds need the wild

This talk will be on Zoom only.

Author Lucy Jones, in conversation with David Howard.

Today many of us live indoor lives, disconnected from the natural world as never before. And yet nature remains deeply ingrained in our language, culture and consciousness. For centuries, we have acted on an intuitive sense that we need communion with the wild to feel well. Now, in the moment of our great migration away from the rest of nature, more and more scientific evidence is emerging to confirm its place at the heart of our psychological wellbeing. So what happens as we lose our bond with the natural world? Might we also be losing part of ourselves?

Lucy Jones

Lucy Jones is a writer and journalist based in Hampshire. She previously worked at the NME and the Daily Telegraph, and her writing on culture, science and nature has been published in BBC Earth, BBC Wildlife, The Sunday Times, The Guardian and the New Statesman.

Lucy's first book Foxes Unearthed won the Society of Authors’ Roger Deakin Award 2015. Lucy's latest book Losing Eden: Why Our Minds Need the Wild is published in paperback by Penguin, 2021.